What is a case competition?

A case competition is an event where teams of four receive a case for a limited time period. A case is a written description of a business challenge or opportunity. During the allotted period, participants must cultivate their creative and analytical skills in identifying the most prominent issues facing the company and develop innovative strategies to address these key issues. Case teams must be able to work effectively together to present a cohesive and feasible recommendation to a mock of the board of directors who judge their presentation. Case competitions are designed to test the practical knowledge of students and enable students to network with other motivated and ambitious students and industry specialists. 

Do we have to be in management or engineering?

No. Although BRIDGE is designed to bridge the gap between business and engineering, the case competition is open to students from all faculties. We would like to bring together students from various academic backgrounds to propose recommendations and solutions that straddle multidisciplinary boundaries. 

I’ve never participated in a case competition before, can I still apply?

Prior case cracking experience is not required as there will be an introduction to case cracking workshop conducted by case league, a student-organized management club aimed to prepare students for case competitions. 

Do I need engineering technical knowledge? 

No prerequisite engineering knowledge is required. Although the case is designed to be accessible to all students from various academic backgrounds,  participants will have to cultivate their creative and analytical thinking skills to propose technical and practical solutions. All you need is you, your creativity, and open-mindedness!

Do I need to have a team?

The competition comprises teams of four to five students. You can either sign up individually or as a group  (Team break down; at least 2 management students and 2 engineering students).

How can I join the BRIDGE team?

Ensure to check all of BRIDGE’s social media platforms to join the committee as we will be releasing executive applications on all platforms. 

How much does it cost?

The event is completely free as it is sponsored by WSP Canada, one of the world’s leading professional services firms. 

How can I sign up? 

Registration will take place in December and January. Follow us on all social media platforms for more information.

What's the time commitment?

Although teams have a week to work on the case, it is designed for teams to be able to complete it in less than a day. Students should expect to commit between 4-8 hours.

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